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921 Andrews Road Glen Burnie, MD 21060



Our Infant program realizes that early childhood education and development are crucial. As a result, our approach stimulates every aspect of development which includes Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional, and social development. We understand that each child moves at a different pace which is why we will provide personalized attention and nurture your child through every developmental milestone


Our toddler program helps enhance the wondering toddler creativity. Our teachers will help encourage your toddler to explore their surroundings as it will aid in discovering a new milestone as they continue to grow. The program will give them nurturing interaction and a host of encouragement that will help with building trusting bonds.

Two Years

Our Two-Year-Old Program is where we reinforce your child’s natural desire to explore by allowing every moment of their discovery into an opportunity of learning and reassuring. We tailored this program to support your child’s growth and individuality through days filled with occupied learning and group activities with their peers.

Three years

Our Three Year-Old program consists of a guided curriculum which is inline, with Maryland state standards to help prepare your child for a successful Kindergarten voyage. This program was crafted to ensure that your child is ready for school, meeting/exceeding their developmental stages, and having fun.


Our Preschool program was made to ensure that your child is Kindergarten ready. Everything that was learned in the three year old classroom is put to the test and your child WILL be ready for the first day of school.


Our program concentrates on techniques that enhance the students academic growth. We believe that children will learn by doing. We emphasize content mastery in alphabets, numbers, and phonics. We also concentrate on building strong social and emotional skills, independent play, and teacher-initiated activities. It is our goal to nurture your childs ideas and imagination, while acknowledging each childs individuality and each of their personalities. It is also our goal to provide a place where children know that they are accepted, loved, protected, and wanted; helping to instill in each child a strong sense of self-worth and purpose

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Daily Schedule

7:00am-8:30am: Arrival time/Breakfast/Morning Work Folder (Small Groups)
7:15am-8:30am: Breakfast Time
8:30am-9:00am: Continuation of Morning Work and Table Activities
9:00am-9:30am: Clean up time 

9:30am-10:35am: Circle Time, Class work, and ART Center

10:35am-10:45am: Bathroom break
10:46am-11:15am: Outside play
11:15am- 11:25am: Bathroom break and prepare for lunch
11:25am-12:00pm: Lunch Time
12:07am-12:10pm: Bathroom break
12:20pm-2:40pm: Naptime 
2:40pm-2:55pm: Bathroom Break and ART Activity in small groups 
2:55pm-3:10pm: SNACK TIME
3:10pm-4:45pm: Group Time
4:45pm-5:00pm: Bathroom Break (in increments/groups)
5:00pm-5:15pm: FREE PLAY/Outside Play
5:20pm-5:45pm: Clean up, Departure, Carpet(squares) TV Time

Our Programs & Fees



$375 per week

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$375 per week


2 Years Old

$300 per week


3 Years Old

$280 per week



$260 per week

All in the Family Early Learning Center

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